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Simcity Buildit Stimulates The Grey Cells As Planning Is Essential

simcity buildit

To play Simcity Buildit you will need to plan all your moves well and beforehand. It stimulates your gray cells as you have to consider all the necessary buildings and amenities that will be useful to the citizens. If you can keep them happy and satisfied, these citizens will help you to generate huge revenues which you will need to upgrade your existing buildings. So, building the city efficiently and keep all the manufacturing buildings functioning properly and to keep all the services running, you need to have a proper plan in place.

Plan For The Residential Area

If you want to see the population of your city increasing, you have to upgrade the residential buildings in the Simcity Buildit game. This will retain your citizens and generate revenues in return.

  • You must limit your residential buildings, preferably to 31, so that you can fit in other necessary buildings for your city’s infrastructure.
  • There must be an adequate number of utility and buildings for other service provision. The number of such buildings should be able to provide ninety percent happiness ratings to the citizens.
  • Build service buildings for power, traffic, fire, water, and sewage along with a maximum of 15 to 20 residential slots so that you can have a regular flow of revenue.

Concentrate More On Upgrading

You can enjoy more revenue if you plan to upgrade your existing buildings more than spending on new ones because of the following reasons:

  • It will give more happiness level to the citizens if the number of residential buildings is low as you will have to spend less on maintenance and therefore have less number of abandoned buildings.
  • You can have a regular flow of cash too if you use the simcity buildit cheat
  • Remember not to build any building over so that you do not feel the negative impact of it.

Upgrade With a Plan

When you are playing Simcity Buildit, if you find that you have limited option for placing your services in the residential area, put those in areas having a high population.

  • Place services in tall buildings which have a high population as it will create more impact and happiness resulting in more resources.
  • Upgrading a road is crucial you cannot get it back even if you destroy it. So, when you upgrade, be sure that the road needs uplift for maximum utilization of your resources.
  • Make the good stores upgrading a regular feature as it will ensure a steady flow of resources which you help you to expand your city and in future development.

Plan It Strategically

Regular request for planning and upgrades is very necessary to have a healthy and happy city. Ensure on those plans which require materials from the factories as this will result in generating resources as well. If you upgrade your factories, then you can produce all the basic materials that are required in Simcity Buildit game. So, if you just work out your gray cells, you will see that using the existing building effectively is more beneficial than to spend on new ones. It will also help you to save your resources.

Hit, Plan And Knock The Court Of NBA Live Mobile


Looking at the presentation of NBA Live Mobile you will find it a good decision by the EA Sports. The latest edition on the go is miraculously getting results from the game freaks. Creating suspense with the expected result this game will keep you right up till you finish the match.

Exclusive features

The game maker has done an exquisite job in bringing the whole game down to your mobile screen from the laptop screen. The features that need an exceptional discussion are like:

  • It does an excellent job in bringing the squad and the players of the organization to life. The idea behind this is to make the best possible team out of a selection of players.
  • It has developed a separate range of defenses who are appointed separately. This makes the court even stronger. Making a choice from the superstars of basketball will indeed make you feel ambitious while playing the game.
  • The card-based system will only get you on the hardwood architectural base that will engage a variety of players on the court. This texture of the ground makes the players move their ball smoothly.

Realistic approach

There is no way to be short of things to experience in the game.  The fully licensed NBA Live Mobile game left no stone unturned to make you feel away from the real basketball matches. The reasons behind the match being so realistic are:

  • It has the best time managing factor built in. As you are playing on the mobile, you will never be allowed to play the game at your whims. They have an automated time fixed for each match.
  • The energy refills with the lapse of time or it are refilled once you cross a level. It also gets refilled through earning rewards like nba live mobile coins. And you dont have to know about how to hack nba live mobile for resources. Using your players strategically will make you store your energy for long.
  • Automated controlling players are something fascinating to note. The ball guided to the player will be focused on his name on the screen coming up. You will also get to know the opponent who is defending your player to snatch the ball.

Simple and comfortable move

The developers truly need an appreciation for its healthy development. There are not many things to remember in the game. It is just the working of the joysticks or your fingers in the screen. The shots are as simple as:

  • The swipe of your screen will shoot the ball for a good drive. Its dynamic move will allow the player to concentrate on the ball rapidly. The shots need to be quite professional in the sense that it may also be in the hands of the opponent, which is not good for your team.
  • The ball pacing depends on the bounce of the ball which makes the player comfortably handle it with ease.
  • The spot indication will help the player to know where the drive has to be done. The developers help you to improve your strategy in this manner.

Bonus bonanza

Apart from all the exclusive feature, bonuses at regular intervals is what boosts you up with the playing. The eventual progress is to move up with the winnings and rewards. Acquiring a victory is mandatory if you get hold of some best legendary basketball player.